Hello and welcome to the Pretty Handsome Films website.

We are a husband and wife videography team, Brett & Claire Jones, and we love telling your story beautifully. Your wedding day is a fantastic moment in your life & one you’ll forever be telling stories of. Our heart is to capture your wedding day in a way that will bring back to life the emotion, memories & celebration of the day. But more than that, our goal is to capture the incredible story of love between you & your spouse to be.


Ps* Our wedding photo’s were taken by the amazing Picture Me & U team.

We are young creatives based in Johannesburg. We are friendly, out-going & happily married. We got married in May 2014 & only focused on having photos taken of our day as we didn’t see a videography team as essential. We had some family video the day for us and unfortunately that footage was deleted so we now have to rely on short 15sec Instagram videos of our special day! We don’t want the same for you as we know personally what a big deal it is to have every detail of your wedding expertly captured that bring back all the emotion of the day as if you have just walked down the isle.

Why not say hi, we’d love to see how we can tell your story beautifully.

Chat soon.